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1, the first customer (company management philosophy - Sales)
★ create value for customers, clients and grow together
★ 1% of our mistakes, that is 100% customer losses
★ Treat customers: Accept that you can not change, change you can not accept the
2. Simple (company management philosophy - each sector)
★ only meaningful results
★ first solve emotional problems to resolve work problems
★ have a problem, talk on the desktop, the door is a sound ★ never want to use the last way to solve the problem now
3. Solidarity (company management philosophy - each sector)
★ smiling face every colleague
★ Achievements of the team everyone
★ all team issues, primarily leading question
★ communication is productive, and sometimes even the primary productive force
★ There is no perfect person, but there must be a perfect team
4, diligence (company management philosophy - each sector)
★ progress one percent per day
★ control process, get results
★ ★ never make mistakes twice best performance today in the same place is a minimum requirement tomorrow
★ do complex things simple, simple things repeat, repeat do things creatively
5, progress (company management philosophy - each sector)
★ motivated is a person, a team survival mode
★ confident that will not necessarily succeed, but there is no confidence will not succeed!
★ pay does not necessarily pay off, but it must continue to pay a return!
★ do the right thing, doing the right things

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